Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I'm sorry, what?

I don't know when I became obsessive about photography, I think it was when I got my first digital camera in Australia. It was barbie pink, it was hideous but it took photos so I loved it. My mum used to give me a disposable camera when I was little to take pictures of everything. Sadly due to my lack of height and hand eye coordination (which I still lack greatly) I took photos of the ground and pigeons. I still take photo's of pigeons. Oh dear. That does not help my street cred, sigh. 
Anyway I am getting to something very important here. Before I left England a couple months ago I was prowling around a charity shop and stumbled across a disposable camera. I usually use my Holga 135, Minolta D700 and my Panasonic Lumix TZ-D19 but I couldn't resist, it was basically a roll of film for 50p. I had to buy it! It had only one exposure used so I snapped away with my new found toy. I got it developed and here is what was on it before I got it. Sorry about the bad quality, obviously this person lacked knowledge of using a flash indoors.

Lovely shot of the woman in the shop

One of the people who say they are my friend

Flash and Harry

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