Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Moving countries? Again? Why yes, yes I am.

I just moved countries for the third time.
Third time is the charm.
Wait no, its five.

New Zealand -> England
Engand -> New Zealand
New Zealand -> Engand
England -> New Zealand
New Zealand -> England

My life in words ^.
This last time we moved back to New Zealand we thought we would stay, it had been going great up until the point the father left us. Turns out he has been having affair with women for 30 years.
HE IS 57.
He said he was a serial predator, I think he meant sexual.
I am scarred for life just from the mental image.
It was sad and everyone is sad. I think I'm over the sad stage and have moved onto the revengeful anger stage. This woman he's with he's been seeing her for 2 years, while cheating on the mother and cheating on another lady. I honestly doesn't know how he juggles three women.
I guess I could say my father has some skill.
I haven't spoken to him in WEEKS he still thinks in some twisted part of his brain that I was forced back to England, I wasn't. I went by free will.

I'm going to miss New Zealand and I'll probably end up moving back there, then back again to here.

I didn't realise how much I was going to miss travelling when we moved back to NZ.  My family spends all their money on travel. I'm lucky to say I've been to over 30 countries and I still want to see more. I forgot how cut off from the world you are down there. I thought I had gotten Europe and America out of my system before we left. I hadn't.

To make the father pay for leaving us, we flew premium economy. It made the 32 hour flight just that tiny bit more bearable

Just look at that beauty.

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